Authentic... adjective au·then·tic \ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\

: real or genuine : not copied or false : true and accurate : an original

thats what you are.

an original.

that's what we all are.

its simple.

you are you.

I am me.

and we,

well, we all have a story.

you have yours.

I have mine.

some parts of my story may touch your heart.

some parts of your story may inspire me.

it may empower others.

that's the beauty of being who we are; authentically.

authenticity requires vulnerability.

and being vulnerable


it can be scary as hell.

being truly who you are and owning it.

being comfortable in your own skin.

that's a gift.

I'm still learning.

I'm pretty darn close though.

here I am at my happy place.

the beach.

tank top, jeans, no shoes.

authentically me.

and it feels good.

it feels like... peace.

and my truth.

the more vulnerable I allow myself to be, the more I grow,

and the more I grow

the more strength I have,

the more strength I have

the clearer I can see my path.

so just think of that for a moment.

imagine a life guided by your truth, by your hearts authentic intention.

that's what allowing yourself to be vulnerable does.

it empowers the soul.

Embrace your own beautiful and allow amazing opportunities to enter your life. Take this venture out to california, for example. Erica, as in the amazingly talented Erica from and I.... we chatted, we laughed, shared stories, and we connected over a desire to empower young people around us.


Empowering young people by bringing voice and visual to who they are and what they stand for; helping us all to embrace, and own our own beautiful.

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