3… My daughter turns three tomorrow. As I was rushing around getting all of her birthday party things in order and making sure its a special, very pink (as per her request) day for her. I had the chance to meet up with some friends while we waited for her ballet class.

There were four of us moms sitting there. All of us had two boys and the last child a girl. That was the only similarity. Oh yes and we live in the same little town. We all came from different backgrounds, went to different schools, and had different talents. A dancer, a singer, an artist and a comedian. There we sat. Laughing, chatting about music , laundry , disney world, our kids. How each one is so individual, so unique, so there own person. It got me to thinking… How I sometimes group my kids together, how I wish I had more time to spend with each of them individually. So when I ask how was your day. I can actually hear just one of my children tell me , instead of all three, and then me saying, ok wait your turn and how my daughter always wants the stage first. Maybe its a girl thing , maybe its the baby of the family thing, maybe its just her, either way, God I love that child.

Spunk. Shes got Spunk. I’ve been addicted to mexican food lately, more so than ever, and she just entertained the crowd at the restaurant by her singing and dancing. I think she might be a performer one day. Oh and she’s a bit dramatic. sometimes 😉What ever path this life lays out for her. I will be her biggest fan. I will tell her to go for happy, find your passion, and smile big.

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