Finding Your Passion

Hi my name is Michele. I am a professional photographer and have been creating memories for my clients professionally now for 5 years and I love it more everyday! My business name is michele kats photography I have worked with Jenn for the past three years and after some yummy lunches and many long conversations we thought it would be super fun to start a photo series where we offer tips and tricks for the beginning photographer on how to find their passion and learn the beginning steps on how to handle your camera.

We are calling this... Photo Series 101 ~ Find your passion .

Once a month I'm going to pop on over here to Jenn's blog and offer some tips and tricks for all of you!! Whether your just looking how to capture better images of your family or if your a blogger we will have something for everyone!! Im super excited for this series and I hope you are too!!

Jenn asked me to share a little about myself so you all can get a feel for who I am.. Well, to start I am a mother. I have three amazingly beautiful children that light my world and are my why. For everything I do. But there is also a part of me that knew I needed to fill.. other parts of my life. Because at the root of who I am. I'm a creative. If there was one word that describes me that would probably be it . Oh wait maybe , intuitive , authentic , compassionate .. ooh or funny .. Sometimes I'm funny. Not often but sometimes I am.

I guess truth be told there's a lot of words that could describe me .. Just as there's a lot of words that can try to teach you something in a manual .. But if your anything like me you might think manuals stink. Oh wait that's my reading comprehension , my reading comprehension stinks.. Manuals are good as long as they have pictures . If they don't I'm lost . So I figure it out on my own . Hands on. Sweat and tears . That's how I do it. My photography is no exception. Five years ago I decided To follow my arrow and my arrow pointed to photography. I'm self taught. And in the beginning I was not good . At. all. It took practice and a lot of it.. I have been given many incredible opportunities along this crazy journey but none of that would have mattered if I didn't follow my passion.

And thanks to Jenn I'm here to share some of what I know .. I will never forget the first time I shot Jenn's family at the end of the session she said... " Thank you Michele , you just gave us the most beautiful memory! " I will be writing posts here and sharing some technical skills with you all do if there is something you'd like to learn more about please comment below and we will put it in a future post ..

Ok here is the first tip of this series.. "Finding Your Passion"

You know that thing that makes your heart swell, makes you smile bigger , & you can't get enough of ?? I don't care if it's your pets, your children, your childhood doll collection or butterflies. Whatever it is. Photograph that. Take out your camera, and start shooting... see how you feel, pay attention to the feeling, because you can't get a good photograph without feeling. Feel it. Feel the joy. Feel the feeling. That's what's most important to me when I shoot . I shoot what I feel. So take your camera with you sometimes the moments you don't think are so important are the ones that have the most impact on you. Trust me in this.

Passion. That's first.

The technical stuff .. That comes next ...

Here are some images from a few sessions with me during each season....

I also simply adore what I call my "Middle School Moody Sessions" ... middle school is that time in between where these kids are caught somewhere between being a young adult and still having the feelings of a child most days...and most are pretty insecure, and floundering....I know I was during those years and

I want to tell them...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE AMAZING. and that you are so much more than you think you are right now, and if you don't feel it well that's where I come in.

I show them. Through my lens I bring out their soul. Their beautiful amazing magnificent soul!!!!

Through our "Middle School Moody Series." here are just a few from those sessions!!

My favorite quote of all time is..

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

~Maya Angelou

So grab your camera, go feel the moment, be present and start shooting!! I promise you its worth it, and when you need a little help check back here for our tips and tricks in the coming months...

I do have one more thing to share with you!! I am heading out to Southern California next month for some photography magic!!

So if you are from that area or know someone who is please reach out ...We will also be having another one coming up in the new york area once the weather warms up a bit!! I will be blogging about that as well and sharing some lighting tips from those sessions too!!

If you would like to see more of my work you can visit us at michele kats photography !

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