2015. peace out.

Two thousand fifteen. You served me well.

You served up some shit .

But for the most part you served me well.

I'm grateful.

Grateful for the lessons.

Grateful for the pain.

For the happy.

For the sad.

For the laughter.

my god was there laughter.

like face hurting, pain in your sides, haha sides.. those of you that know the side story will appreciate that comment.. it's almost too good not to be shared,

so good that I am thinking of writing a book, but that's for another post.

I digress...

thank you 2015

for the laughter,

For the tears.

For many things.

I'm grateful, I'm grateful.

Even through the shitty moments.

And there certainly were a few.

Some years seem like they propel me into the future.

Some years feel like they are a lesson.

Some years were a blur.


Was all of them combined.

Maybe it's because of personal growth.

Maybe it's because if the incredible souls that have entered my life,

Some were transient, some hung out for awhile, some made a home in my heart.

each and every person, each and every experience, each and every moment, brought me to today .

from the deepest part of my being.

Thank you.

Thank you to each and every one of you amazing, incredible, irreplaceable people, who have become part of my journey.

I value you.


here is my wish for all of us in 2016...

maybe this is the year that we don't over think things...

that we don't say no, thats too hard,

or too far,

or too much of anything,

maybe just maybe we follow that arrow,

where ever it points,

maybe there's something higher than us that knows better,

maybe there is something that is leading us,

leading us to a new part of ourselves we have not yet explored, or maybe its a part of us that has been dead for while,

maybe its time to awaken that, to give life again to our hearts , to our minds , to our bodies.

Maybe letting go of what is "supposed " to happen and just allowing what is to be to be, will free us.

maybe just maybe we follow our arrow wherever it points.

something tells me its going to be good.

so 2015. peace out.

2016. its going to be a damn good year.

bring it on universe.


we will be closed until monday january 4th. all emails and voicemails will be returned then.

be safe. be well. and have a very happy new year.

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